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Private Cheesemaking classes
from your own Kitchen

Four Basic Ingredients. More than 1400 delicious flavours. 
Discover the fun of making your own favorite Cheese with a few
simple techniques and skills at every comfort level level. 


Cheesemaking Classes

Making cheese at home is fun and entertaining. Become familiar with different ingredients and the many cultures

that are needed to get started. Get to know a variety of cheeses and the different techniques to make them.

We supply the cultures, molds and the yeasts that go into the milk to make the fresh cheese curds and we make you feel comfortable using this with your own recipes. We issue the cheesemaking kits to make your cheese and the freshest Pasteurized Farmstead milk will be used - from selected farms near St. Jacobs - to guarantee the best result. While making your cheese, in the process we keep you entertained about the history of a variety of cheeses, different techniques and cultures that make cheeses unique to certain parts of the world. Of course we taste, touch  and smell different cheeses because what is a food course without some taste and flavor.

There are numerous levels of cheesemaking and different cheese varieties require different techniques. We offer courses and workshops at every comfort level for every skillset. You select your favorite cheese and we assist you in making this your own. The workshops we offer are for soft cheeses like goat and Chevre; surface ripened cheeses like Brie and Camembert and semi hard cheeses like Gouda and Tomme. For specialty cheeses and your personal favorites, please let us know in advance so we can provide the right cultures and ingredients for this unique experience. 


Cheese and Wine Pairing Workshops

Sensory and Tasting Events 

Taste Cheese like never before. 

Enjoy the Flavors and Aromas of a variety of Cheeses from around the
world by tasting, feeling and smelling some of t
he Global's best.

This Event is a Feast for the Senses for Everybody  Interested in great food

Taste Cheese like never before. What is more fun than tasting, feeling and smelling great cheeses, with variety of wine and beer that compliments each other in every way. Pairing Cheese and wine is a tasteful and entertaining event highlighting the complex flavors, aromas and textures of some great cheeses while paired with the great classic European wines.

With some simple tips and techniques, you will shop with more confidence and understanding how to select  the unique flavors for your next cheeseboard. Impress your guest with new Cheeses that are unique to your own cheese board.

Food is not complete without a matching drink. The focus is on the five basic flavors in cheese matching this with some complimentary wines and beers, making this a feast for the senses for you and your guests. You may decide to bring your own wines to the table and have these paired with a variety of global Artisan cheeses.

There are numerous ways to qualify cheese; a favorite starting point is the milk used in the cheese; Goat, cow, Sheep or Buffalo. Soft cheeses, hard cheeses, fresh or aged cheeses; they all have their own specifications and defects. Comparing industrial and Artisan cheese opens everybody's senses.

Based on your preferences we provide a selection of cheeses and wines/beer together with product information and historic facts. This event shows you the basics of tasting and pairing and how to make it a feast for the senses.

Pricing is based on the number of guests and the selection of wines and cheeses. On average we provide a selection of four to six  cheeses with complimentary wines. For special requests feel free to contact us. 

Cheese and Wine Paring Workshops

Sensory and Tasting Events

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