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       Cheese and Wine pairing Events
                    Sensory Workshops
              Enjoy Your Cheese Like never Before 

Cheese and Wine are two good friends that like to show off, so why not battle it out together and find the right wine to match with the perfect cheese. Camembert likes fresh White and even a little bubbles, while an old Cheddar goes well with a Stout and a deep bold Red or even a sweet Niagara Ice wine. The possibilities are plenty when you recognize the underlying flavors in Artisan Cheeses and the touches in wines. 


It all start with the Sensory and a basic understanding of tasting Cheese before you match this with your favorite wine. Once you know how to put the perfect cheese platter together together, with the matching wines to impress your party guests your dinner parties are an immediate success. With a few simple techniques and handful tips you taste cheese and wine as ever before.

Why do some cheeses taste subtle and fresh while others are taking over the room with their appearance and aromas. Entering a new world of complex aromas and flavors with an understanding of how they develop make you build your next cheese platter near perfection. During this event we pair some of the classic cheeses with their matches from the world of wine and explore why they match so good together. For every class we provide simple detailed step by step instructions to successfully explore the world of cheese, match and build your next cheese platter. 

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Four Cheeses with matching Wines             Six Cheeses with matching wines                Eight Cheeses with matching wines
CAD  145 + HST PP. Min. 2 (Max 8)               CAD 175 + HST PP. Min. 2 (Max  8)             CAD 195 + HST PP. Min. 2 (Max 8)


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All Local and International Artisan crafted Cheeses for the  tasting events are provided by Global Cheese. With two locations in Toronto, their unique selection of Artisan cheeses and experienced staff, you enter a world of flavors and new cheeses.

We support our local partners. Indulge your senses with Off Cut & Co. where culinary artistry meets unforgettable experiences. Discover their exquisite handcrafted charcuterie boards and tailored grazing delights.

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