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                        Fun with Vegan

Explore the Growing trend of New and Exciting
Plant based Cheeses


Vegan Cheese is on the rise. A growing number of cheese lovers are looking to replace the classic Camembert with an Artisan bloomy-rind Cashew Cheese or a Coconut oil based Cheddar. In a variety of supermarkets and specialty cheese stores you can find a growing selection of plant-based cheese. Many chefs and Artisan cheese makers are trying new recipes that are not just exact replicas of the classic cheeses but have their own taste and texture.

Unlike the Classics, even the most aged Vegan cheeses are not harder than a young Gouda or a Havarti and are best served straight from the refrigerator compared to milk based cheeses that build flavors out on a platter.    

To take up this challenge myself I am inviting a small group of participants to explore the world of Vegan cheese and to try some proven recipes together based on the planet greatest gifts. Let's make Brie, a Blue or anything else delicious.

Date: March 16. Maximum 8 people. 

CAD  125 + HST PP. 

The equipment will be sterilized and kept separate from the traditional mold used for Cheesemaking to avoid cross contamination. All ingredients and rennet are plant-based and microbial with no animal residues.  


For additional information and availability please contact us by email at 

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