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Cheesemaking Workshops
Get to know the Complexity of a Simple Food. 

Four basic ingredients and almost unlimited delicious possibilities, flavors and textures. We offer a selection of cheese classes based on a variety of techniques, comfort level, ingredients, tradition and experience. It is our goal to get all inspiring cheesemakers excited and to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Because it is such a hands-on experience and it is a great way to learn from others, we prefer to do our events and classes in house. For your convenient we provide all equipment, the molds and utensils, cultures and other ingredients together with the freshest farm milk. For every class we provide simple detailed step by step instructions to successfully make and to enjoy your own cheeses. 

For additional information and availability please contact us by email at 


The Tasty Crowd Pleasers


The All-time Classics


The Italian Lovebites

Classes with groups larger than 6 is possible but this will be done on a equipment
sharing bases.

We continue a partnership with Mountain Oak Cheese for the freshest milk non-
homogenized milk, 
to get the best cheese results. This rich and creamy pasteurized
milk is produced and package daily at the farm and is the foundation for many award
winning cheeses.

 offer the opportunity to work with specialty milk like fresh goat milk and Buffalo milk. A surcharge for this milk
will be charged to you at the moment we book the reservation. 

Because of the Rennet used in the production Cheese is not a vegetarian product. We offer an option to Vegan and Vegetarians make vegetarian cheeses, based on Cashews and natural plant-based coagulants.
Please ask for options, pricing and availability. Because of the risk of contamination We do not mix vegetarian and traditional cheesemaking workshops.

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