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       The Italian Love Bites

               Italy is making delicious delicious fresh Cheeses for centuries
               and we introduce you to some of their best kept secrets.

Making Mozzarella, Buratta or any other Italian Pasta Filata is different than any other cheeses. By heating the curd close to boiling, these cheeses are elastic, fresh with a taste of sweet fresh milk. Once you put these cheeses on a fresh salad or your pizza you never order in gain. It is fun and easy after some practice and when you get it right you will impress any diner guest from now on with you instant fresh ready to eat Italian favorites 


For the workshop we supply the freshest milk from Mountain Oak Dairy, the cultures, info sheets and a

delicious local and International Artisan Cheese tasting to get you started making your own cheeses giving

it your own flavors and character. Within a short time you will enjoy your own home made cheese.


CAD 185 + HST PP. Min. 2 (Max 6) 

Note: Goat milk cheeses are based on the availability of milk from local farms. This might not be

available at the time. 

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