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 Because We all want to become Better Cheesemakers


There is much more to making cheese than getting the perfect fresh curd. It is a balancing act of ingredients, cultures,  temperature and PH that needs to be in sync to bring out the best results. Starting with the freshest Farmstead milk, the correct measurements of cultures and ingredients at the right temperature is a good start,  and like everything else in life; with the right knowledge and practice it gets much easier. The best experience is learning on the job.


Mistakes in cheesemaking hardly happen on the first day; sanitary requirement, Ripening techniques,

salting, temperature and humidity control are factors that need to be balanced for the best result.

Good artisan cheese has personality and character, and with the right knowledge and experience

you are quickly on your way to make this your own. We offer private lessons and consultancy

sessions for the more experienced cheesemaker to evaluate techniques and procedure for the best

product. Learning is more than receiving information; we work with aspiring local cheesemakers to

find easy solution for complicated issues before, during and after cheesemaking. 

CAD 50 + HST Per hour. online or in person 

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