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The All Time Classics

learn the secrets of Sweet Swiss,  the crunchy taste of Gouda or a traditional Cheddar. These semi firm cheeses are European classics and everybody's favorite

Cheddar is the All time Classic when you think of cheese. For years there is a growing community in North America making the perfect Cheddar and giving it there own signature.  Semi firm cheese are traditionally European classics and everybody's favorite. learn the secrets of a Sweet Swiss,  the crunchy taste of Gouda or an American Monterey Jack besides the traditional Cheddar. Get familiar with  the skills, and techniques of these large wheels. The cheeses are made to last. The right knowledge of different ripening techniques gives your cheese  its own unique character and flavor.


For the workshop we supply the freshest milk from Mountain Oak Dairy, the cultures, info sheets and a delicious local and International Artisan Cheese tasting to get you started making your own cheeses giving it your own flavors and character. Within a short time you will enjoy your own home made cheese.


CAD 185 + HST PP. Min. 2 (Max 6) 


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