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Sensory and Tasting Events
Taste Cheese Like never before 

Sensory, tasting Cheese and pairing with the right wine is more than putting great cheeses on a platter. With some simple techniques and handy tips you taste cheese as never before and you will enlighten your guest for many future parties. Develop a new exciting pallet of complex aromas and flavours. Knowing the background of a cheese, the terroir, the history and how they get better over time make you feel comfortable to compose your next cheese platter near perfection. Pairing with the right wine simply enhances the experience.

We believe in contrasts; some cheeses taste subtle and fresh while others take over room with their appearance and aromas. We pair this with the old-world classic wines and daring strong beers. For every event we provide simple detailed step-by-step instructions to successfully explore the world of cheese, matching wines, building your next cheese platter. 

Old World

For 11,000 years Europe is making the most famous Cheeses. Not to mention the best wines in

the world. We pair the classics Cheeses with the old vine wines from French and Italy. We might

mix it up with a clothbound Cheddar and a good English Ale. However we do it, it is a fun and

tasty event with lots of great cheese, wines and a gracious host to make it all happen.

New World

There is a new and growing Artisan Cheese revolution happening in the United States. Since the

early eighties a growing number of American Cheesemakers are offering the culinary world new and

surprising flavours. New inventions, new textures at a world-class level. They are hard to get at home

but when you can it is a feast for the senses. We pair this with the better Napa and Sonoma wines. 

Go Local

Stay close to home and support our local Cheesemakers. In Ontario alone there are over 40 dairies

making fresh and innovative Artisan Cheeses. We cross the border with Quebec for a good Chevre

but we mainly focus on good Ontario Cheese. It is a surprising journey paired with Niagara's best

that makes an interesting discovery of our own backyard.  

CAD 185 + HST PP. Min. 2 (Max  4)             CAD 155 + HST PP. for Groups larger than 4 (Max 10)

Included in the price: 6 Artisan Cheeses -local and International. Three paired wines 

Events with groups larger than 8 are possible upon request but this takes away from the experience you have with smaller crowds. 

Please be informed that because of the Rennet used in the production Cheese is not a vegetarian product. We do offer a selection of Vegan and Vegetarian cheeses, based on Cashews and natural plant-based coagulants. Please ask for options, pricing and availability. Because of the risk of contamination we do not mix vegetarian and traditional cheeses and we present them on separate platters.

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